community guidelines

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines


The Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv is a place for Berlin based creatives, makers and shop owners to thrive, grow, support and be supported. To ensure everyone feels welcome and safe,  members must agree and abide by the following community guidelines:

      • We are kind to each other. This is a support network, after all.
      • We respect diversity and inclusion.
      • We avoid comments or behaviours that encourage discrimination related to gender, gender expression, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, sexual characteristics, physical appearance, disability or age.
      • We strive to create a community that facilitates participation for all members. We allow people to participate, have conversations without disruptions or interruptions. We abstain from engaging in toxic behaviours that negatively affect how people participate in the community.
      • We commit to engage constructively with each other.
      • We will not participate in or tolerate bullying, including requests or mobilising others, in person or online, to bully others.

Anyone found to be behaving against these community guidelines will be asked by the coordinating  team to leave the Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv.

Members can inform the coordinating team about behaviour against the rules using our Contact page or sending an email to