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The BKK Member Database is a sharing platform for paying members of BKK.

The Member Database is a collaborative effort. Please take some time to explore the pages and give your feedback on the topics being discussed. We encourage you to add relevant content that will help out other members. If you have anything that you think should be added to the database, click the button below to add it to the Member Database Requests. Likewise, if you have any info sheets, templates, or other relevant information that might answer some of the existing requests, please share them! The database gets better the more people use it.

Mia Müller (BKK VP) will be monitoring the database and keeping everything tidy. Please contact her at mia@berlinkreativkollektiv.com if you have any questions! Enjoy!

Remember: The Member Database is only for paying members of the BKK. You do not have permission to duplicate or share this information with anyone else.

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