About US

Hey there, let us introduce ourselves!

The Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv is a self-organised, volunteer run non-profit support network for Berlin-based community of makers, crafters, designers and creatives. We do not receive any funding and are self-supported by our members, who contribute with their time, skills and resources. 

The Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv aims to help Berlin-based artists and makers develop their brands, strengthen their skills and expand their network. We do this through social media promotion, public events and networking.

The strength of the Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv stems from the opportunity our members have from networking and collaborating with each other. The collective work recognises the value of working together to share our knowledge, experiences, and advice. 

In this self-organised model, all members are encouraged to propose and carry out ideas, support each other with information or collaboration.

We also aim to partner with organisations that support creative businesses and  our members´ activities. 


What we believe in


It’s simple: we believe in the power of Berlin’s creative community. We believe that knowledge is something to share. We believe that creativity isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life and for some of us, our livelihoods.

Starting in 2021, the Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv is a self-organised, community based and 100% volunteer run organisation. We believe in enjoying the benefits of a community by contributing to it as well. When we, as members, share our skills, knowledge and resources, we are part of something bigger that helps us all.

We, as a creative community, are stronger when we work together: we can achieve far more when united than we ever could alone. This is why the Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv is dedicated to providing a warm, welcoming and supportive environment to creative individuals across Berlin.


Community Guidelines


The Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv is a place for Berlin based creatives, makers and shop owners to thrive, grow, support and be supported. To ensure everyone feels welcome and safe, we ask members to agree and abide by the following community guidelines:

  • We are kind to each other. This is a support network, after all.
  • We respect diversity and inclusion.
  • We avoid comments or behaviours that encourages discrimination related to gender, gender expression, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, sexual characteristics, physical appearance, disability or age.
  • We strive to create a community that facilitates participation for members. We allow people to participate, have conversations without disruptions or interruptions. We abstain from engaging in toxic behaviours that negatively affect how people participate in the community.
  • We commit to engage constructively with each other. We will not participate in or tolerate bullying, including requests or mobilising others, in person or online, to bully others.

Anyone found to be behaving against these community guidelines will be asked by the coordinating  team to leave the Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv.


Our Team

The Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv is an organisation for creatives, run by creatives. It is a do-ocracy: run by doers.

The BKK is coordinated by a small team of 6 volunteers, who are also Berlin based creators, designers and makers. All BKK members can be part of the organising team. Drops us a line at hello@berlinkreativkollektiv.com if you would like to organise something or help out with existing tasks.

Soon we will add informatin here so you can meet the team and get to know their stories.


How it all began

The Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv was established as a registered non-profit organisation on 28.03.2017 by an enthusiastic group of Berlin based creators, makers and designers. It grew to have around 80 members. The group organised pop up shops, workshops and the Kreativ Konferenz , helping members navigate the confusing world of small business ownership. The BKK team also conducted research on the landscape of Berlin based makers (LINK)

In 2020 the Board, following a consultation and decision-making process with the members, decided to dissolve the formal structure of the non-profit association. The task of managing a formal organisation became unsustainable in the long run.
A small group of members, however, decided to continue supporting the community without the formal structure in 2021. This freed the Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv of the bureaucratic obligations of running a registered organisation. At the same time, it also defines the boundaries of the new Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv: with a horizontal structure, decisions are consensus based, and all members share the same status.