About US

Hey there, let us introduce ourselves!

The Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv is a fast-growing non-profit support network for Berlin-based design. We aim to promote creative objects by helping Berlin-based artists and makers develop their brands, strengthen their skills and expand their network. We do this through social media promotion, resource databases, educational workshops and public events.

The strength of the Berlin Kreativ Kollektiv stems from the strong bonds and friendships that our members have formed, and from recognising the value of working together to share our knowledge, experiences, and advice.

We also partner with organisations including Etsy and coopolis GmbH and campaign with local government branches to work to bring about real and significant changes for Berlin creatives.

What we believe in


It’s simple: we believe in the power of Berlin’s creative community.  We believe that knowledge is something to share, not something to hide. We believe that creativity isn’t a hobby, it’s a way of life.

By understanding that the creative community is stronger when we work together, we know we can achieve far more when united than we ever could alone.  All independent creatives deserve the chance to succeed, and we understand the importance of feeling like you’re not in this by yourself.  All this is why the BKK is dedicated to providing a warm, welcoming and supportive environment to creative individuals across Berlin, and to helping them reach their full potential.

Our team

The BKK is an organisation for creatives, run by creatives. Meet the team and get to know their stories.

Emma Wood

Emma Wood


Emma is a British-American weaver who moved to Berlin in 2011.  She loves all things textiles and is constantly looking for challenging projects that allow her to explore new elements of weaving.

When not behind the loom, Emma oversees all activities of the BKK, and also acts as Joint-Treasurer.  She is also one of the project leaders for the Makers Matter project.


Mia Müller

Mia Müller


Mia is an American-born potter who specializes in modern functionalware and curious utilitarian objects. She is interested in the methods & imagination behind folk art, and seeks to sculpt the visual culture of everyday goods.

Mia acts as Vice-President, Joint-Treasurer and event organizer for BKK. She is excited about building the BKK community and empowering other Makers.


Céline Pelé

Céline Pelé


Céline Pelé is a French costumer and textile artist from Paris. Since she moved to Berlin in 2014 she specialised in break-down and dyeing, and developed her label of screenprinted eco-friendly goods. Nature is her endless source of inspiration.

She is also the secretary of the Kollektiv, giving the BKK a physical address as well as being a welcoming voice for new members, enquiries and questions.


Iris Pohlgeers

Iris Pohlgeers

Relations Manager

Iris loves good design and has a special skill for finding vintage mid-century treasures that she sells through her brand Le Kosmos Berlin. In addition, she offers her specialist knowledge in project management by working as a business coach for creative entrepreneurs.

As Relations Manager, Iris is responsible for acting as the BKK spokesperson with external organisations, and for building relationships with our partners.



Eva Zahneißen

Eva Zahneißen

Communications Manager

Eva is a jewellery maker and freelance graphic designer. She sees the spectacular and joyful in the ordinary and turns it into colourful pieces of art.

She also serves as the BKK’s Communications Manager, where she is responsible for handling the digital face of the Kollektiv and is also the unofficial translator for all things German.


Annemarie Schumacher

Annemarie Schumacher

Education Manager

Annemarie teaches regular workshops on drawing and creativity, and has her own brand of illustrated goods featuring faces from popular culture.

As Education Manager for the BKK, Annemarie fills the vital role of curating and managing an extensive range of workshops that range anywhere from mastering social media and design software basics to understanding the German accounting system.  Annemarie is also one of the project leaders for the Makers Matter project.


Lera Nicoletti

Lera Nicoletti

PR Manager

Lera is a toy designer and the entrepreneur behind blog and brand Abracadabra. She believes in integrating art and storytelling into play, and in helping children explore the universes of their mind.

Within the BKK, Lera serves as PR manager, where she is responsible for handling all press-related queries and communications.



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